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In her previous article how to make chocolate with cocoa beans (bean to bar), Chef Prish discussed the chocolate conching …

The sturdy design and the vast Bühler roller know-how give you precise and consistent particle sizes in your bitiş refining process. The targeted particle size with a narrow particle-size distribution generates the mouthfeel you want and simplifies flow properties for consistent end products.

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Instead it aims to briefly introduce the different systems for chocolate mass production offered by various companies in order to give readers an overview on what is currently available on the market.

The unit is jacketed for product temperature control and typically a multi valve opening in the bottom fitted with a large discharge augur.

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If low shear downstream applications like moulding are in the focus, low yield values are important; here ball milling could be an advantage. On contrary, if the mass katışıksız to move fast, for example, if pumped or sprayed infinite viscosity is more important and roller refiners might be preferential.

This is continued after the merger and further processing alternatives have been designed using devices from both subsidiaries. So for larger continuous lines, thin film flavour treatment gönül be combined either with horizontal or vertical ball mills15. Together with the traditional refining conching solutions (see above) the company now gönül offer a large variety of processing alternatives to their clients.

Why ball mill grinding is important for delicious chocolate Learn about ball mill grinding and how it is used in the chocolate production industry. Discover the advantages and components of ball mills, and get to know more about the different types, materials, and processes involved.

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This colored glass cake stand from Mosser is perfect for displaying your bakes. Available in three sizes, with or without a glass dome, and seven different colors, there’s an option for everyone.

Beside ball mill for product development, we produce ball mills for small workshops and medium-sized confectionery manufacturers.

If cocoa butter is replaced by another fat, the product is usually called compound and hamiş chocolate. Technologically most compounds are close to chocolate mass and similar equipment can be used to make it.

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